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About our company

Peak Performance Facilitator & Executive Coaching In Australia

"Everyone deserves the opportunity to be the best they can be, but many people lack either the self belief, the motivation and/or an understanding of how to realise their true potential. I observed a genuine appetite for quality personal, team and leadership development that wasn't being fed and that's why I started Wayne Pearce Advantage way back in 2001."

Wayne Pearce (Managing Director Wayne Pearce Advantage)



Wayne Pearce Advantage in Australia provides "cutting edge" tools, techniques and the executive coaching support to help businesses become more successful whilst helping individuals become more fulfilled.


Australia's Wayne Pearce knows about peak performance and he’s excited about sharing what he knows with others. His personally developed series of Performance Ignition seminars and programs draws from wide-ranging scientific research as well as from his own experiences as a world-class sportsman, coach and motivator.


Wayne's vast experience and infectious passion for motivation, team building and leadership training at all levels makes him the perfect choice for your organisations peak performance training.


Wayne also offers his services as a Master of Ceremonies to ignite your function with his distinct brand of optimism and humour. Whether you hire Wayne for a workshop, keynote presentation or MC, his genuine interest in people, his warmth and the insights he brings add up to a potent prescription for success.



  1. Given the right conditions, the authentic mindset for every human being is to do the best they can in the workplace…that’s right, every human being!

  2. A person’s mindset evolves over the journey of their life, shaped by both internal and external forces. 

  3. For some people, an authentic mindset becomes contaminated by a history of life experiences that create toxic “mind viruses” which serve to distort one’s perspective of reality and undermine one’s satisfaction with work and life. (e.g. “I’m not good enough” or “You can’t trust anyone around here”). This reflects an internal driver of mindset.

  4. The primary external driver of mindset is the workplace culture that employees experience on a daily basis. In order to create the “right conditions” for an authentic mindset, the instinctive, non-conscious needs and desires of the employees must be met.

  5. Most employees and their bosses have never been educated on how to systematically create and stimulate the conditions for peak performance. Eliminate the friction points in your business and you have access to the realm of peak performance.

Note: Since retiring from professional coaching 15 years ago, Wayne Pearce (Managing Director of Wayne Pearce Advantage) has been helping businesses increase the productivity of their workforce to great acclaim.



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