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Personal Ignition

Break through any limiting beliefs to become the best version of yourself!

Wayne’s extensive research indicates that every one of us is born with a unique set of skills and potential that is rarely fully utilised. Too often, well-intentioned people get stuck in patterns of behaviour that limit their ability to live a deeply fulfilling and rewarding life. These deeply entrenched patterns of behaviour are often conditioned responses to situations they have experienced earlier in their lives.

Changing behaviour patterns

Changing unproductive behavioural responses starts by changing the way a person perceives themselves (self-image) and the way they interact with the world around them (mindset). 

It can be different

If you aren’t living a productive and purposeful life, take time to reflect on this fundamental question…‘Does it have to be this way, or can it be different?’  Anyone willing to invest effort in uncovering self-limiting beliefs, soon realises that the constraints we put on ourselves are not based on fact, but rather ill-conceived interpretations of past events. The process of “decontaminating” our non-conscious beliefs enables our full potential to be revealed and accessed. 

Personal Ignition toolbox

Wayne has developed a suite of tools and techniques to help individuals understand themselves, their potential and the restrictive forces that serve to limit behaviour. As with all of his programs, Wayne presents his content in a highly engaging manner that energises and empowers his audience to take action to create the life they genuinely desire.


Wayne’s unique brand of motivational training captured exactly what we have found lacking in the corporate team building and personal realisation market. Wayne’s enthusiastic yet respectful style is brimming with quality content and good honest fun. He creates a nicely balanced learning environment that challenges and explores without being overbearing. I have used Wayne and his techniques across Australia and Asia over several years now and find his courses translate exceptionally well even in non-English speaking markets.”

Ross Ellison (President- AQ Logistics Japan)

Wayne Pearce infused his winning style in a room of 60 all female Bra’s N Things retail managers with a clearly communicated and very uplifting seminar. He left our managers feeling empowered in both their business and personal lives.”

Brad Dransfield (National Sales Manager, Bras N Things)

Thank you Wayne for the presentation you gave to our five hundred delegates at the annual Real Estate Sales and Leadership Convention last week. Of all the ten speakers we had I found your delivery and message was the standout. Your stories and examples along with the solutions were fantastic. In particular the significance of the five points you made to aligning your life to maturity were simple but essential. I am sure all our delegates would agree and become much better people as a results of being present.”

Michael Johnston (Conference organiser- Pittard Training Group)

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