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Change Ignition

Accelerating the change process - learn how to identify and overcome barriers to change!

We live in a novel, uncertain and complex world where the rate of world change is accelerating faster than at any other point in the history of human civilisation. Such rapid change presents intrinsic challenges for all human beings. 

Negotiating change

Human beings are instinctively change averse and this is because change represents uncertainty, and uncertainty stimulates highly charged negative emotions such as anxiety, doubt and fear. These negative emotions are a powerful force that can serve to undermine organisational change efforts. 

Getting through the change process

Far too many organisational change efforts end up with less than satisfactory outcomes largely because change managers fail to address the intrinsic human barriers to success. When this happens individuals simply refuse to commit to the change process. Unless business change programs are developed with strategies to address the instinctive human resistance to change, they are destined to fall short of their core change objectives. 

Promoting change management successfully

Wayne has worked with many organisations, both large and small, across Australia and South East Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand) to help them effectively negotiate the change management process. The cornerstone of Wayne’s success in driving change is his ability to help business leaders understand, engage and negotiate the web of omnipresent, non-conscious human barriers during the change process

Wayne Pearce has been working with a number of teams across the Bunnings operations division. He has a great ability to engage both small and large groups in candid discussions about leadership style, teamwork and trust. The outcomes of his work enable our people to work more effectively together to deliver strong business outcomes."

Michael Schneider (GM Operations Bunnings) 

Wayne's workshop was a fanastic way to get people thinking and talking differently about the change process. Everyone at Pacific National was impressed with his level of understanding and knowledge in regards to the core topics of change management and teamwork. This combined with his professional and energetic presentation style captivated the audience for the duration of the workshop."

David Mayo (GM Coal Operations NSW Pacific National)

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