April 13th-15th, 2022 | Sydney CBD

PCM Part 1 Seminar

Are you communicating and influencing...or are you just talking? We sometimes find ourselves in situations where it is difficult to understand where the other person is coming from, and despite our best efforts, we can’t get our point across.
PCM Part 1 Seminar

Time & Location

April 13th-15th, 2022
Sydney CBD

About the Event

Understanding yourself and others better is the first step to improving communication. With improved skills you can reach people you have struggled to communicate with previously.

PCM offers a number of unique personal development tools which allow you to understand your own behaviour and mindset triggers. Suddenly it becomes obvious why you respond in a particular way in certain situations. You are also able to anticipate the behaviour of others – whether at work, in a social setting or at home.

Communication can be particularly difficult when you or someone to whom you’re speaking is under pressure. With PCM you learn to understand your personal distress reactions – and where necessary modify them to achieve the outcomes you are seeking! If you are in a “not ok” reactive state, it is impossible to connect with or communicate with others.

You will also learn to recognise when others are under pressure because their behaviour will be highly predictable. You can then assist them so that effective communication can be achieved.

This model was developed in the 1970’s, and has been used extensively by NASA in the selection and training of astronauts...and today it is utilized by businesses around the world.

After the seminar you will have the skills to:

  • Observe and decode behaviour by being able to actually hear what others are saying
  • Predict and identify the onset of disruptive behaviour
  • Be a dynamic leader by communicating effectively
  • Motivate yourself and others
  • Detect and correct miscommunication before it creates a problem
  • Find out why conflicts have escalated
  • Respond quickly to defuse tricky situations
  • Invite others back into positive communication and behaviour
  • Included with the seminar material is your own individual personality profile and report. Your personal report will assist you in working with the PCM model well beyond this introductory seminar and will help you to strengthen your communication skills.
  • You will learn about PCM, its practical applications and we’ll teach you how to use it instantly

To register, download the attached form send back to michelle@waynepearce.com.au

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