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PCM Part 2 Seminar

Learning more about communicating and managing distress. The advanced 3-day program allows you to build on and deepen your knowledge whilst practicing the skills you learnt through PCM Part 1.
PCM Part 2 Seminar

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Time is TBD
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About the Event

PCM Part 2 Course Overview

The part ll seminar allows you to build on and deepen your knowledge while practicing the skills you learned during the part l seminar to PCM. You will learn more about understanding your own reactions under distress, recognising distress in others, understanding your own behaviour and making communication happen. 

PCM enables you to listen to what has been said, while at the same time being aware of how it has been said. 

At times we are preoccupied with concentrating on what is said, formulating our own reply and focussing solely on the contents of the conversation.  

To communicate effectively, we need to focus on the communication channels others are using and to recognise when they are under distress. 

The part ll seminar concentrates more strongly on the failure mechanisms of distress, making it easier to apply PCM in a variety of situations. Lots of practice! 

You will learn about:

  • The underlying emotional issues each personality phase has which may cause periods of long-term and intense distress;
  • The role our early environment plays in our behaviour and how it can lead to miscommunication;
  • How personality types, their psychological needs, communication channels, their perceptions and distress patterns all come together and are highly predictable;
  • How those distress patterns are linked to particular “scripts”, which are the negative blueprints of life;
  • How failed communication and not having our needs meet may invite us into distress;
  • How verbal and non-verbal clues help us to assess a situation and how we can motivate ourselves and others and communicate effectively.

NOTE: In order to participate in PCM Seminar 2, registrants must have attended and be familiar with the content of PCM Seminar 1.

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