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Don't be afraid of the 'F' word....

I want you to ask yourself this… when was the last time you failed at something? Or further more, when was the last time you didn’t try or attempt something you really wanted because you were too afraid to fail?


My guess is that those questions hit home somehow in most of you, or if not almost all of you. Why is this? It is hard to believe when the reality is that embedded deep in the psyche of every person on the planet is the desire to be absolutely amazing great at some point in our lifetime.

It has become clear in todays world that somewhere between having unconditional determination as a baby to take our first step and through to the moment we leave school when we suddenly conditioned to a life that lacks excitement and settle instead for a comfortable life set on autopilot. Why is this? Because as adults we think we should know and understand how life works?

Ask yourself this:

“Is my current lifestyle exciting me and taking me closer to where I want to be?” if not then what is it that is limiting you? Is the idea of “I can’t” or “I want to avoid mistakes, because mistakes are painful” or just plain simply “I am afraid of failing?”

Let me remind you of a time in your life when you learnt to walk for the first time. How many times did you fall? Plenty! Did you give up? Of course not, you repeated the process over and over learning and growing from each fall until you were able to stand.

Failure is a signal your body is giving you to change something or the way you are doing something. It is not telling you to give up. Maybe you need to change the food you are eating, the exercise you are doing, your attitude and thought processes behind what you are doing. The list is endless.

Mistakes are simple lessons to be learnt from, there is no point to dwell on them or self diminish. It is only when we have learned from our mistakes that we have actually failed.

So tell me this, what would you do if you knew you could not fail? Do it! 


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