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Percolated self-discipline

One of the biggest changes that I’ve noticed in society since my childhood years relates to the “instant coffee” mentality that permeates modern living.

Back when I was a kid, way before the high tech revolution, things seemed much simpler.  Getting ahead in life meant setting some goals, working hard and having faith that in time your efforts would be rewarded. Of course it required liberal doses of self-discipline but you knew if you weren’t disciplined you got the “left-overs” and not the main meal

At the tender age of 15, I had a dream of playing Rugby League for my country and with a lot of hard work, an unwaivering commitment to being the best and a belief that rewards would come my way I was able to maintained focus and discipline…and yes the results eventually came.

Around the mid 1980’s we were introduced to a high tech era of instant gratification. Designed to make life more comfortable and convenient for all of us, the invasion of computers and high technology into our lives comes with an expensive price tag…unrealistic expectations!

Not only did inventions like the remote control and elevators mean that we move less and get fatter but a dangerous cultural change had taken place. We had inadvertently welcomed an era of instant gratification where people (especially impressionable youngsters) expect and often get results immediately. No longer did kids have to go to libraries to get assignments done, they could access all the information they needed on the internet; home delivered meals replaced home cooked meals and there are even speed dating websites that replace the “laborious” need to sift through a raft of potential partners at nightclubs.

The cultural shift from a “percolated coffee” mentality where people were prepared to wait for the best outcome, to an “instant coffee” psyche that demands results ASAP has raised the expectations of people in general and it provides a real test of self-discipline.

Naturally, we all want results as soon as possible, but an “instant coffee” psyche generates unrealistically short time frames for achievement and creates an army of disillusioned quitters.

If you’re looking for results in any area of life, don’t underestimate the role that self-discipline plays. There are 5 main ingredients you need to consider:

  1. Clarify exactly what it is that you’re looking to achieve

  2. Find out the best strategy for achieving these goals

  3. Commit yourself to that strategy

  4. Have faith that the results will come

  5. Periodically review your progress (and if necessary modify your strategy) and celebrate your successes!

Take time to ask yourself whether you have an instant or percolated coffee mindset, because it’s sure going to impact on the achievements you’ll experience in your lifetime!


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