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The power of thought

I am going to start this post with a very bold statement...
"The quality of our life is governed by the quality of the thoughts we entertain".


In fact, our dominant thoughts are so powerful that they shape our attitude, our character and ultimately they shape our destiny. 

Many of us hold beliefs that we are products of our enviroment, that our life roadmap was written in our formative years. However, on closer inspection the world is littered with people who have succeeded from impoverished background, or conversely there are plenty of people from affluent families whose lives have been miserable failures. The way we see, feel and interpret our surroundings comes from the quality of the thoughts and beliefs we hold inside us.


Ultimately, the thoughts we have influence the way we feel. The way we feel in turn dictates how we behave and act. We then find that our behaviours/actions are directly linked to the results we obtain and these results provide input back into our minds to to reinforce the throught we are having thus completing the below cycle: 

It's simple really:

  1. A cluttered mind full of negative thoughts generally results in individuals feeling unenthused, not in control and displaying non productive behaviour. 

  2. A mind full of positive thoughts sows the seeds to achieve positive and productive outcomes

The power of thought can be either productive and assist you to achieve amazing things, or it can be destructive. It is all based on how we choose to use the power of thought.


Another analogy I like to use when describing this power of thought is to imagine your brain is like a garden. Both flowers and weeds are present, the flowers being the positive and the weeds being the negative. Whichever you choose to water shall be the one that grows. If you continue to feed the negative, the negative will amplify, if you continue to focus on the positive you will attract positive and this will also be reflected in your external enviroment and relationships.


So what are some simple tips you can implement on a daily basis to assist in growing the flower garden and diminishing the weeds? 

  1. Be clear and detailed in your formulation of goals…write them down and internalise them

  2. Formulate a clear intention each morning of what you wish you to attract into your life for that day…this requires the formation of specific, positive thoughts

  3. Look at yourself in the mirror and smile - how often do you look in the mirror to get changed or do your make up, but when are you actually taking a look deep into yourself

  4. Practice the art of visualisation…by experimenting with the fundamentals, find a method that works best for you

  5. Use affirmations to add extra power to the visualisation process

  6. Surround yourself with the environment and people to support the realisation of your dreams

  7. Stay on the lookout for rogue or unproductive thoughts. If and when they arise, take control of the image in your mind. Then shift your focus to construct an opposing, positive and empowering image with yourself as the star. It takes a little practice but once you master this technique, nothing is beyond your reach

  8. Learn the fundamentals of meditation…this is another method that helps us dissociate from and eliminate unproductive thoughts

Start today, change your thoughts and you will change your world!


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