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What kind of life do you want to live?

Do you know what kind of life you want to live?


What do you think is the biggest difference between people who live full, rich, meaningful lives and those who don’t?

The answer is the art of living with intention.

It’s easy to let life happen to us, to accept our day-to-day as it unfolds and never question what it brings - We forget we have huge personal power.

To provide direction to the incredible resource that is the non-conscious mind we need to provide it with regular direction.

We can drive, direct and change our lives. All that’s required is a shift in mindset and commitment to action.

So how can you start to live your life with intention?

  1. Set intention before each activity you engage in during the day, especially activities that require discretionary focus (eg a workout, a meeting, a client interaction) The first few minutes after waking are the most crucial in setting the tone and your mood for the entire day.

  2. Uncover your values – when you know what is important to you it is much easier to use these as a compass with every decision you make. For e.g if your values include health, self-acceptance and gratitude then your days will more than likely include self-soothing activities, mindfulness rituals and feeding your body with goodness.  If you are unsure of your values it can be much harder to live in align with these and you will feel a sense of unbalance in your life and often engage in activities that do not serve you.

  3. Take a step forward – ask yourself this… are my actions aligned with my values and goals? Is what I am doing today preparing me for who I want to be in a years’ time?

Choosing to live a life of intention can radically increase your levels of self-esteem and fulfillment.

I hope these points will help you to start living with intention today!


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